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PPM Markets Continue to Show Growth in August

Radio listeners and listening continue to show a slow and steady recovery from the coronavirus pandemic through the most recent August 2020 PPM survey. What …

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PPM Headphone Adjustment

Nielsen Audio announced on September 1st that it will be applying a PPM Headphone Adjustment Factor to its estimates beginning with the October 2020 PPM …

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August 2020 Events by Week

Each month, we remind you of the key happenings during a Nielsen survey month. Use this information to provide context to your PPM reports. Here …

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CDM Markets Continue to Show Location Shifts

The Continuous Diary Measurement (CDM) markets show total Cume Persons to radio to be down by 2.8% from a predominantly pre-COVID March 2020 (Jan-Mar) survey …

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Sign Up for a Sp20 (Apr-May) Diary Market Webinar

This is a complimentary service for our subscribers; it includes a review of your station’s data and an online hour of consultation via GoToMeeting (for …

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July 2020 PPM Data Shows Radio’s Recovery

July 2020 PPM Data Provides More Examples Of Radio’s Recovery. January and February 2020 PPM data was unaffected by COVID19, so these two months represent …

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Notify RRC & Nielsen Of Station Changes

Both RRC and Nielsen Audio need to know about changes at your station(s) in order to process and report your audience estimates accurately. RRC must …

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Download Your Spring 2020 Diary Market Data

Spring 2020 Diary Market Data is available Thursday, July 16th through the first week of August at the Nielsen Answers website, followed by Market Rankers …

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