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Radio Continues To Rebound With PUMM Growth In The Drives

Averaging the first twelve PPM surveys of 2020 into the four Nielsen Audio quarters shows that PUMM continues to grow across the 45 non-embedded PPM …

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Download Your Fall 2020 Diary Market Data

Fall (Oct-Dec) 2020 Diary Market Data is available Tuesday, January 5th through Thursday, January 28th at the Nielsen Answers website, followed by Market Rankers and …

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Fa20 (Oct-Dec) Diary Market Release Schedule

For subscribing stations, Fall (Oct-Dec) 2020 diary market data are available starting Tuesday, January 5th through Thursday, January 28th at the Nielsen Answers website, followed …

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So Long, 2020!

Happy New Year from RRC! In the spirit of the holiday season, RRC has contributed to the following non-profit organizations: Feeding America For 40 years, …

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December 2020 Events by Week

Each month, we remind you of the key happenings during a Nielsen survey month. Use this information to provide context to your PPM reports. Here …

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Public Radio News Station 2017 Increases Anticipate Possible Gains In 2021

The last time there was a regime change in Washington, full-time public radio news stations exceeded their election year audience estimates with even more Weekly …

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Public Radio News Stations See Significant Increases In Election Listening

Full time public radio news stations see significant increases in AQH listening for November 2020 as a result of the 2020 elections: Slide 1: For …

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Public Radio News Stations Play An Increased Role In Times Of Need

Public radio news stations play an increased role in their communities when change is happening and the public needs news and information. This year’s pandemic …

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