Our previous CDM Location reporting concentrated on Total Week listening; this time we are focusing on AM Drive (Monday-Friday, 6a-10a) in the pre-pandemic winter survey 2020 vs. spring surveys in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The quarterly Nielsen survey trend in the combined 44 Continuous Diary Measurement (CDM) markets shows the percentage of total AM Drive radio listening from the Car at 45.4% in June (Apr-Jun) 2022, followed by 35.4% from Home and 17.7% from Work (see slide below). These percentages, having shifted in favor of Home, then Car, in the beginning of the pandemic in June (Apr-Jun) 2020, have moved back to their normal positions in June (Apr-Jun) 2022, although the Car and Work percentages are marginally lower than pre-pandemic levels while the Home percentage remains slightly higher. This is similar to what we have seen for Total Week listening.

In June (Apr-Jun) 2022, the AM Drive total AQH Persons (Persons Using Radio) in the 44 CDM metros has improved from a low of 4,612,800 in June (Apr-Jun) 2020 to 5,091,500 in June (Apr-Jun) 2022; this represents 96% of the pre-pandemic March (Jan-Mar) 2020 level (5,312,800).

CDM AM Drive Location Trend Sp22