The news cycle was so strong for the recently released January 2021 PPM survey that full-time public news stations have not only increased their AQH Share across PPM markets, but they also have more listeners (Weekly Cume) and listening (AQH Persons) than they did for January 2020.

For the 48 fulltime non-commercial news stations we analyzed last week in regard to the recent news cycle, AQH Persons is 9.5% higher in January 2021 because of the headphone lift (Tapscan / PD Advantage vs. PPM Analysis Tool).

Nielsen Audio began applying a PPM Headphone Adjustment Factor to its estimates beginning with October 2020 in Tapscan and PD Advantage; now, PPM Analysis Tool will also account for the headphone lift beginning with March 2021 data. Please be sure to upgrade your PPM Analysis Tool software ASAP, if your station subscribes before March 2021 data releases.

Check it out below!

Headphone Adjustment Jan21