The combined 44 Continuous Diary Measurement (CDM) markets show the total week Cume Persons to radio in March (Jan-Mar) 2021 decreasing by a slight 0.6% from February (Dec-Feb) 2021, but it is still 99% of the pre-pandemic March (Jan-Mar) 2020 level. At the same time, the total AQH (Persons Using Radio) decreases by 0.7% from February (Dec-Feb) 2021; it represents 95% of the March (Jan-Mar) 2020 level (slide 1).

The listening location percentages for total AQH to radio in March (Jan-Mar) 2021 show the percentage of listening from the Car (40.3%) getting ever closer to the Home (40.9%) percentage (slide 2)!

CDM PUR Location Trend Mar21