The Continuous Diary Measurement (CDM) markets show the total week Cume Persons to radio in December (Oct-Dec) 2020 improving by 0.4% from November (Sep-Nov) 2020 to 99.8% of the March (Jan-Mar) 2020 level. The total AQH (Persons Using Radio) decreases by 0.4% from November (Sep-Nov) 2020 and it represents 98.7% of the March (Jan-Mar) 2020 level (slide 1).

The listening location percentages for total AQH to radio show At Home continuing to drop and In Car with another increase, albeit with ever smaller percentage changes. It remains to be seen if the In Car location will ever reclaim its dominance. The At Work percentage is up ever so slightly for the past two survey months and still has not returned to its pre-pandemic level (slide 2).

CDM PUR Location Trend Dec20