PPM Weeklies gives stations access to the ratings in advance of the Monthlies. This is most beneficial when events affecting programming and listening take place in the early weeks of a survey.

The first two weeks of the December 2019 survey contain four days of the recent Impeachment Inquiry Hearings. December 2019 Week 2 finished releasing for all markets on December 13th. In our analysis, here’s what we did:

We rolled-up 50, full-time, non-commercial news stations across 44 PPM markets.

We looked at the Average Quarter-Hour Persons in total for the full impact of both Daily Cume and Daily Time Spent Listening across all stations.

We broke out the two weeks by day to analyze the ten weekdays and look for differences in listening on the four days where there was Special  Coverage versus the six days when there was not.

The four days with the most listening in the first two weeks of the December  survey were days when the Impeachment Inquiry Hearings were taking place. All four of those days finished above the two-week weekday average, while the six days with no Impeachment Inquiry Hearings all finished below the two-week, weekday average. Listening was 18% higher for this group of stations on those four weekdays with special coverage, versus the six weekdays when no Impeachment Inquiry Hearings took place.

Here is a graph of the AQH audience changes:



As always, please contact the RRC if you have any questions about your station’s audience estimates.