Average Weekly Cume has been every radio station’s BIG number as long as research has been conducted. Average Quarter Hour Persons and Share may be the bottom line and can tell us more about our audience, but Weekly Cume gives us a larger number to promote. What if there was a BIGGER number for comparing a station’s listeners to non-radio outlets that touts a monthly reach? There is – a 4-Week Cume!

Our good friends at KUTX-FM reach an average of 6.5% of the Austin Metro’s population in an average week (Average Weekly Cume) and 12.8% of the same population over the course of four weeks. Here’s how to calculate it:

•    Run a four-week ‘reach and frequency schedule’ in your Nielsen software
•    Select “Schedule Cume” as your estimate
•    Use your local market’s Base Demo (Persons 12+ in Diary markets; Persons 6+ in PPM markets)
•    Use Monday-Sunday 5am-5am (24-7) as your Daypart
•    Place one spot per week in the schedule in order to turn on the “Multi-Week Cume Factors”

While it may not be a standard estimate, calculating your station’s “Monthly Cume” can open everyone’s eyes to the larger audience you serve on a regular basis.

Here are the details on how to run a 4-week Cume:

Monthly Cume