Many of our client stations are seeing increases in Average Quarter Hour listening for October 2020, and, as we’ve been reporting, this is due in part to Nielsen Audio’s October 2020 implementation of the Headphone Adjustment Factor to their PPM methodology.

Okay, great, but did radio and my station actually grow ‘organically’ and not just through a methodology change? That’s what this month’s slides are about.

Tapscan and PD Advantage have been updated to reflect the methodology change in all of their estimates for October 2020; however, the PPM Analysis Tool (PAT) will not be updated to reflect this ‘headphone lift’ until January 2021. At RRC, we’ve been using PAT all along to document radio’s recovery from COVID-19, so this month’s slides reflect true growth, as this methodology has not been changed.

The PDF below contains two slides. Slide one graphs the six consecutive months of growth in weekday listening to radio and slide two shows the greatest increases in listening coming in AM Drive and PM Drive.

Please email RRC if you have any questions about your station’s audience estimates.

Oct20 PPM COVID19 PUMM Trend and Hourly