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Shift In Listening Location In PPM Markets Due To COVID-19

2020 began for PPM markets showing approximately 70% of PUMM (total market AQH listening) was Out of Home. COVID-19 and subsequent stay at home orders changed that, and a return to norm appears to be ahead.  Click on the headline for more information.

CDM Markets Show Listening Location Shifts

There are shifts in CDM markets in the location of listening percentages in Persons Using Radio as COVID-19 stay-at-home orders were implemented. Click the headline for more information.

Public Radio News Stations Still Peak In “The Drives”

AQH Persons and Share continue to peak during drive times for public radio news stations despite the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace, according to our analysis of 45 public radio news stations across 45 PPM metros. Click the headline for more information.

Station Streams are Contributing More to Total AQH Amid COVID-19

Taking a look at ten stations across multiple formats, it's pretty clear that the streams of many non-commercial stations are taking on a greater percentage of that station's total AQH listening during COVID-19 (March and April 2020) than before (February 2020). Click the headline to see the report.

More than One‐Fifth of Public Radio Listeners own Smart Speakers

Public Radio listeners have a higher adoption of smart speakers than the general population and they also consume more streaming audio and video. This is according to the latest Nielsen Scarborough USA+ study from 2019 (Release 2, July 2018 – November 2019).

Many Non-Commercial Radio Stations Shined as COVID-19 affected Radio Listening Nationally
Many non-commercial stations did a remarkable job of maintaining, if not growing, their AQH Persons throughout the March PPM survey.

RRC News: Celebrating the Top PPM Market Stations
Three articles with data compiled by our colleague Scott Williams over the past month about the performance of the top PPM market stations in 2019. Click the headline above for all three reports in one PDF. Enjoy!

RRC News: 90% Of Those Who Work From Home Listen to Radio
As we enter a period in which many people are working from their homes, it’s good to know that the importance of radio in listeners lives is strong (a Nielsen survey from last weekend indicated as much). The latest Nielsen Scarborough USA+ database shows that 90.1% of those persons who always or mostly work at home are reached by AM/FM radio each week compared with 87.5% of the total population.

RRC News: Impeachment Influences Four PPM Surveys
In January following the release of the Nielsen Audio PPM survey for December 2019 (11/7/19 thru 12/4/19), the RRC showed that Average Quarter Hour listening for full-time public radio news stations was impacted by early coverage of the Impeachment process.  The House Intelligence Committee held five days of public hearings with witnesses (11/13,15,19-21/19), and listening spiked on each of those days.

RRC News: Impeachment Inquiry Hearings Help News Stations For December
The December 2019 survey (November 7th thru December 4th) was chock full of special coverage from Washington D.C., centered around the recent Impeachment process. The six days containing special coverage saw more total AQH listening than any of the fourteen days absent of special coverage.

RRC News: Impeachment Inquiry Hearings Increased Listening by 18%!
The first two weeks of the December 2019 survey contain four days of the recent Impeachment Inquiry Hearings. Listening was 18% higher on those four weekdays with special coverage, versus the six weekdays when no Impeachment Inquiry Hearings took place.

RRC News: Stations Reach More Listeners Per Month Than Weekly Cume Reflects
Average Weekly Cume has been every radio station's BIG number as long as research has been conducted. What if there was a BIGGER number for comparing a station's listeners to non-radio outlets that touts a monthly reach? There is - a 4-Week Cume!

RRC News: Special Coverage of Robert Mueller Testimony Means Extra Special Listening For Many Public News Stations
Robert Mueller testified before congressional House committees and many public news stations aired special coverage of the hearings. The sum of AQH Persons for July 24th shows that AQH listening was up 15% overall versus the other four weekdays of the same survey week!

RRC News: Public Radio Listeners Like Smart Speakers & Internet Audio
Whether it's Smart Speaker ownership or use of internet audio, Public Radio listeners outpace the U.S. Population.

RRC News: Fish Where The Fish Are
A look at hourly PUMM (Persons Using Measured Media).

RRC News: Stations And Formats Differ Greatly, Weekdays vs. Weekends
A look at how Weekday vs. Weekend listening impacts overall listening.

RRC News: Michael Cohen Hearing On February 27th
The Michael Cohen Hearing and special coverage carried by many stations brought in more listeners and increased listening to public News stations as a whole.

RRC News: Public radio listeners are using a variety of audio and video streaming services.
A look at the Streaming Services used by the Public Radio Cume Audience using Scarborough USA+ national data.

Impact of 9/27/18 Kavanaugh Hearing
On Thursday, September 27th, NPR and other networks offered special coverage of the additional day of hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Out of the 36 stations that responded to RRC's question regarding carriage of special programming on September 27th, 35 answered "Yes." Did the public radio audience respond positively to this programming change?

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