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Station Streams are Contributing More to Total AQH Amid COVID-19

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Station Streams are Contributing More to Total AQH Amid COVID-19


Taking a look at ten stations across multiple formats, it's pretty clear that the streams of many non-commercial stations are taking on a greater percentage of that station's total AQH listening during COVID-19 (March and April 2020) than before (February 2020).
Click HERE to see the report.

Nielsen Audio has been encoding stations and their streams (and HD2s and HD3s) for years. Stations may elect Total Line Reporting (TLR) and combine any 100% simulcasts into their primary station for one unduplicated set of estimates. Maybe you didn't give much thought to encoding and TLRing your stream ten years ago when streaming seemed like something only the Jetsons would do, but the incremental growth of station streams over the years is only being accelerated by COVID-19 and the new work-from-home status of many workers.

Contact Nielsen at (667) 786-4710 or to request Total Line Reporting for your station.
And please contact the RRC if you have any questions about your station’s audience estimates by emailing us at

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