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Public Radio News Stations Still Peak In “The Drives”

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Public Radio News Stations Still Peak In “The Drives”


AQH Persons and Share continue to peak during drive times for public radio news stations despite the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace, according to our analysis of 45 public radio news stations across 45 PPM metros.

Much has been written about the loss of radio listening during COVID-19. While many non-commercial radio stations across all formats continue demonstrating their leadership through the latest research (rank position, Share, etc.), one thing that has changed for many stations is their hour-by-hour listening, aka Audience Flow.

Collectively, radio listening (PUMM) does not have the "tent poles" in Weekday AM Drive and PM Drive for the April 2020 PPM survey that we are accustomed to seeing, and this is due in large part to the current pandemic and stay at home orders. What about the “tent poles” for which public radio news stations are historically known? They are still there!

Click HERE to see radio's Audience Flow for April 2020, a survey completely engrossed in this current crisis. May 2020 PPM data releases begin next week and there are already some encouraging signs of listeners and listening returning, albeit slowly.

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