Average Quarter Hour Share has always been a primary metric in radio. Non-commercial radio stations vary greatly both individually and collectively by format on Weekday vs. Weekend share of audience. When comparing M-F 6a-12a Shares to Sa-Su 6a-12a Shares, News stations are going to the bank on Weekdays while Music stations are rich bastions on Weekends. Here’s the question: what are those “other days of the week” doing to hold back your M-Su 6a-12a estimates from showing the station you really are?

Some stations will simply view this as the lifestyle of listeners (news is more important during the week; music is the great escape on the weekends) and conclude “There’s nothing I can do about it.” How you view a glass filled to its midpoint with water is up to you. Regardless, maintaining your share of audience throughout the week should be every station’s goal. Do public News stations overachieve on Weekdays or underachieve on Weekends? Do non-commercial Music stations overachieve on Weekends or underachieve on Weekdays? Please view the format breakouts… and let the debate begin!