Total Average-Quarter-Hour listening to radio (PUMM) has reached a five survey high across 45 PPM metros for March 2021.

While non-commercial stations of all formats had mixed results for MAR21 individually, radio as a whole was up in AQH listening (slide 1) and AVG Weekly Cume listeners (slide 2) across 45 PPM markets.

Also showing signs of returning to normalcy is radio’s audience flow for Prime Time (M-F 6a-7p) listening (slide 3). One year ago, weekday listening peaked for PPM markets at 3 pm. Then, for the first two quarters of the coronavirus pandemic (Spring and Summer 2020), radio listening peaked at 12 noon. For the last two quarters of Fall 2020 and Winter 2021, radio listening is again peaking at 3 pm.

See the results below, and email us if you have any questions!

PPM COVID19 Update Wi21