Someone (with far too much time on his hands) once estimated a typical Nielsen market report contains more than 175,000 individual audience figures. RRC offers training courses and a curriculum that helps makes sense of it all.


RRC is now producing online training videos for you! These videos are short and focused to help you answer questions quickly from your desktop PC, yet can also be viewed on your tablet or phone when you’re on the go.
Click here for training videos.


The RRC offers online meetings and training through GoToMeeting! We can help you understand your PPM Data or your Diary Data. A Data Consultation is a complimentary service for our subscribers; it includes a one-on-one analysis of your station’s data. (For an extensive consultation, hourly rates may apply.)

Call 301-774-6686 or send an email message to to set up your Data Consultation.

Here’s how it works:

1) RRC sets up an online meeting with your organization.

2) RRC sends you a meeting reminder.

3) A few minutes before your scheduled meeting, click on the GoToMeeting link. Find your meeting and click to enter!

4) Sit back, relax, learn and enjoy!